Which experience is best?

To stay home or to go out…


Where to watch// Going to a movie may seem unnecessary with options like Netflix and Hulu. However some people prefer the old school way, it’s just up to them. Grant Forscutt said, “I watch movies at home too but would rather get the whole experience.”

Courtney Thompson

In a world of many options, everyone chooses differently. Everyone has their preference on either going out to a movie theater or staying in and watching it on Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming services.

Some people would rather go to a designated place specifically for movie watching. Since the place is only for movie watching, there are no distractions and people can be focused only on the movie.

“I like watching movies at a movie theater because watching them at a movie allows us to experience the classic rush of feelings and emotions. When we watch things at home like on Netflix, we have distractions keeping us from the full experience, like our phones or homework.The movie theater has a big screen and great audio allowing us to slip out of reality and into the movie with the characters and plot. The movie theater draws us from our lives, that’s how it’s meant to be. We get to feel and hear everything the characters do and lose the feeling of reality which is why the movie theater is so fun and enjoyable. The fact that anyone watching can slip away from their lives and into the actual movie is why I love the movie theater so much,” said sophomore Grant Forscutt.

On the other hand, going to the movies is not always convenient, or cheap. Sometimes people are in the mood to watch a movie without the hassle of going out to the movies.

“I prefer watching movies at home because at home I can be more relaxed and not have to spend as much money at the movie theater for the ticket and food. Also my house is more comfortable,” said Senior Ashlyn Parks.

Whether someone enjoys a coke and popcorn at the theater or pajama pants and a blanket, they can always find a way to enjoy a good movie.

“I think Netflix is easiest, especially with friends randomly, but I still do enjoy the theater experience,” said sophomore Mackenzie Peterson.