A dangerous game

Why Game of Thrones is a fantasy series you do not want to miss

A fantasy worth experiencing // The Iron Throne is a crucial political position in the Game of Thrones.

A fantasy worth experiencing // The Iron Throne is a crucial political position in the Game of Thrones. "A show that is worth while!" Said Camron Green, Senior Student at Rockwall-Heath High School.

Camron Green (Cheeseburger), Staff Writer, Sports Editor

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Plenty of commotion has been passed around regarding the show Game of Thrones, as it is currently playing out its final season. Those who have not watched a single episode are probably conflicted in whether or not trying the series and catching up because of its mature content, vivid violence, and extensive episodes. However, those three factors should not lead you astray from what is an impactful, fantasy filled to the brim with perspectives. Fans can not only follow along easily, but they can also involve themselves in conversations in the real world about the show’s happenings, character’s philosophies, and more.

Most shows similar to Game of Thrones involve steadily increasing levels of danger around the main character, which gives us time to grow familiar with the protagonist. We can grow accustomed to the scenarios that create a three-dimensional personality throughout their journey until there’s nothing left but the finale. However, instead of the show being focused around one main character, Game of Thrones focuses on 20-30 characters. Each with their own perspectives, ambitions, fears. The show juggles each respectively, which provides more relatability than most shows could ever accomplish. The stakes continue to rise not just for one character, but for the entire list of character’s goals and loyalties.

Game of Thrones, for its beginning seasons, is very centered around politics. When a main character’s actions approach a particular piece of the plot, it will reveal only more pieces left to be solved and drag in other characters whose motivations are not aligned with that main character. Politically speaking, there is no good or bad sides. Each figure has their own goals, which leaves a very grey area that viewers can relate to. Some do what they do out of a sense of entitlement, others out of a sense to protect their families, revenge, want to be left alone, or just want to become wealthy. All of these minor conflicts of ideas and aspirations are simply building up until something major occurs. By watching the show, one is fascinated as they watch the numerous chess pieces move around as numerous events gradually unfold. Game of Thrones, for its later seasons, becomes less about politics and more about being an epic fantasy. However, one could not skip the first few seasons unless a viewer wants to be utterly confused. The action in the show varies from sinister to righteous. The tones are constant, the dialogue is filled with lines so subtle that foreshadows future events. If one re-watches seasons, they can notice things they have never realized before.

For those interested in fantasy shows, Game of Thrones is certainly a show worth looking into and trying.

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