Break a leg

Fine arts UIL; worth the hype and the experience?


Haley Sanford

For the win// Getting a perfect score all across the board, the varsity choir returns with a winning prize. The UIL trophy stands tall and proud in the choir room for those to admire. Kathleen Couch said, “It felt so amazing to get sweepstakes! I’ve never gotten straight 1’s with our Chorale at Heath before and last year we worked extra hard to make it happen. I remember the feeling of Mrs. Smith announcing our scores and everyone freaking out! We always work hard and sing our best, but it’s great to hear it from judges who really know music.”

Haley Sanford , Staff Writer

Making her way out from behind the curtains, she feels her heart pounding. Standing at the foot of the stage, she feels the heat from the bright stage lights beating onto her skin. Feeling the silence fill the room, she breaks the silent barrier as she begins her performance.

UIL is one of the competitions the fine arts department looks forward to all year. After school rehearsals, months of preparation, and hours of hard work and training leads up to one day of competition.

Senior Alex Chandler said, “We’ve been rehearsing for about 3 months and I believe that with the amount of practice that we’ve had, it definitely increases our overall confidence as a team going into competition.”

This month, the theater department performed their one act play, Mariner, at Longview High School. After placing first in District, they are advancing to Area to compete once again.

“It’s very rewarding knowing that all of the work and time that we’ve put in paid off. It can get really stressful and tiring at times doing the same show over and over again, but in the end the feeling you get really is worth it,” said Alex.

Going to UIL in one week, the varsity choir has also put in time rehearsing and making final touches on their performance. After getting sweepstakes last year, Chorale is hoping to return with another victory to show off their dedication.

Senior Kathleen Couch said, “I feel like I’m always a little nervous for competition. Obviously I’m hoping we can come back with sweepstakes again, but no matter what happens it has been an amazing year. I’m really glad I get to be a part of the choir program and that I’m surrounded by people I can call friends.”