‘I’ll never love again’

To those who leaped with joy during the Oscars


‘Always remember us this way’// Last Sunday at the Oscars, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga gave their audience what they wanted: proof that there is more to their relationship than they say. For many, the show they put on, or more so short movie, was enough to show that faith had brought them to that very piano bench on purpose. “I just wish they would get together already. They look perfect together,” said Hudson Woloss, sophomore.

Abby Woloss, Opinions Editor

The Oscars is an event that all movie loving, movie producing, movie acting, and movie directing people attended on February 24. Though many actors, actresses, directors, costume designers (shout out to that one lady who said this award was a long time coming. Everyone can relate), and crew members, there was only one pair of people that mattered: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Let there be love!

Many people feel that the two have way too much on-and-off screen chemistry to not be in love. It’s almost as if Ally and Jack’s love lives on in Gaga and Cooper themselves.

Their performance at the 91st Academy Award ceremony was goal worthy for many, and uncomfortable for few (cough cough… Mel B). With eyes locking throughout the entire performance, and with Coopers hand around Gaga’s waist, an intense emotional embrace curated a real life movie that ended all too soon for A Star Is Born movie goers. When they walked off stage hand in hand afterwards, Bradley sat down opposite his current girlfriend, Irina Shayk, whom he shares a daughter with, and kissed her. Confusion was a state of mind for many at that point.

As many people root on for the Ally and Jack fantasy, few seem to give a second glance to Bradley’s real life girlfriend. Just be honest, and put yourself in her shoes. A green eyed monster would be the only thing many people saw on TV the other night, if many obsessed Bradley Cooper girls were his date. The poor girl. Someone might steal her man, and everyone thinks it’s great.

Throughout the course of promoting their movie, Gaga and Cooper have been seen riding motorcycles and holding hands for all to see. Now, many people fend hurt if this is all for show: a big promoting factor. But to all those who feel as though they ‘know’ Gaga and Cooper, it’s not for show, they are truly in love with each other. Whether it be only friendly or romantically, one will possibly never know; but, Gaga did just break off her engagement. Could it be because of the intense connection she feels toward Bradley?

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper may never get together, but at least everyone will have their on screen characters to look to when they need a reminder of what true love is. But then again, that Oscars performance was a movie in it’s own. Who else cried with joy when they looked at each other the way we wish someone would look at us?