Love, actually

To all the movies we’ve loved before


Accidentally in love // Netflix offers a variety of Rom-Coms to suit your desires, but the selection dwindles for those who have watched them all.

Kassidy Turner, Editor-In-Chief

Love is in the air, especially on Netflix.

Avid hopeless-romantics, as Valentine’s Day nears, spend free time enjoying, crying over, and loving Romantic-Comedy movies. As a staple of the 2000s, ‘Rom-Coms’ were made in full force, producing hundreds of new plot lines about love.

But as the new decade began, romantic-comedy movies in their production began to deplete. No longer were the days of movies centered around love, like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, but instead, movies based on action are being produced. The number, caliber, and quality of Romantic Comedies has thus dropped in the last 10 years. Romance, however, is not dead, and Rom-Coms can not be either.

Romance, as a movie genre, allow people of all kinds the chance to understand what being in love feels like. The movies teach you how to respond in certain situations. What do you do if you’re in love with your best friend’s brother? Watch ‘The Kissing Booth.’ What do you do if you realize that your family’s deepest secret had a book written about it? Watch ‘Rumor Has It.’ All of these movies have the ability for students to learn life skills through the lives of the characters on screen. Plus, they’re super entertaining and you often wish you could be the characters you watch on screen. It’s a win-win.

Critics will argue that this decade has seen many Rom-Coms, such as ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, ‘Set It Up’, and ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’. But most of these movies, have been produced by Netflix, and Rom-Com movies in the theater are being shown less and less. There are no true ‘Rom-Coms’ being produced anymore, but instead, romance plotlines being shoved into movies where they don’t belong.

The solution is easy: make more Rom-Coms before the human population is wiped of any and all emotional attachments in movies. It’s the only way.

Romantic-Comedy movies are the lasting remnants of love in Pop Culture. Don’t go breaking our hearts by keeping us from the one thing we love most.