Dating a book

Finding the book for you


Loving what you read // In the front of the library, this shelf displays the rules and books for the blind date activity. The activity has been a big hit. Librarian Mrs. Harris said, "We always try and get books in kids hands and this has helped."

Courtney Thompson

Valentine´s Day is coming up and while the library can not help you find love, they can start by finding you a book to love while you wait.

Many students unknowingly judge books by their covers, and our library is trying to change that. This February, Mrs. Harris has set up a great system to steer kids away from quick judgement and fall in love with the content of the book.

“All you do is come in and read the summaries, and if you like one, then read at least three chapters to give it a fair chance. I am not going to force anyone to read a whole book, but at least three is a good rule to get a good idea of the story,” said Mrs. Harris, Heath librarian.

All information is available in the library right as you walk in. There are books lined up on a shelf with their covers hidden and a short summary on the front.

“The idea behind the activity is to choose a book based of the summary, not the cover. I chose older books that don’t get chosen as often, and I want to prove they are still great stories. They may have bad or boring covers that have been updated, but no one needs to spend the money when the stories the same.”

Students can check out the summaries and when they find one that seems interesting, they can ‘date’ the book for at least three chapters to see if it is a catch. If the student really enjoys it, they can check it out and keep on reading.

“Once they are done they just return it and leave a review. Part of the reason for a review is accountability, but book reviews are also really helpful when trying to find a good book,” included Mrs. Harris.

There is even a prize and a free Valentine involved if students do the review: a $25 gift card to AMC Theaters. It is a way to get students excited about reading and more involved in the school. They also will hopefully find a new book they love in the process.

“The more you read, the more entries for the $25 dollar gift card to AMC. This activity should hopefully make students read things they never thought they would have picked up.”

Without being able to see the cover, kids can fall in love with the content of the books rather than a picture. Students may find that they are drawn to a subject that is not their usual read.

“The book, Rebecca, is a good example because it is a great mystery but only has the word ‘Rebecca’ on the cover. If they can’t see that, then they can realize how good it is. I’m excited for the activity. One girl has already finished two reviews and there are up to 28 possible entries.”