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How Rockwall-Heath feels about black panther being nominated for best picture


Wakanda Forever? // 2019 Oscar Nominees for Best Picture includes Black Panther. "If Beale Street Could Talk and Hereditary deserved this nomination more than Black Panther," said an anonymous Senior student.

Camron Green, Sports Editor

2019’s Oscar nominations have been released and students of Rockwall-Heath High School are anticipating to see who will earn their rightful achievements on February 24th. However, the films of 2018 nominated for Best Picture have students scratching their heads at a particular nominee, Black Panther.

“While I fully recognize Black Panther as a cultural phenomenon, I just cannot recognize it as ‘best picture material’,” said a Rockwall-Heath senior, who asked to remain anonymous.

Not many superhero films have been nominated for Best Picture in the 89 years of awards, and while students enjoy Black Panther, students do not see it as the best superhero film to be chosen for such a nomination.

“Black Panther, to me at least, was nothing more than an average Marvel movie that we get three times a year. If any Marvel movie is deserving of a best picture nominee, it would be Infinity War due to its complex story structure, compelling characters, and incredible accomplishment,” added the same anonymous Senior.

Students think films such as Green Book, A Star Is Born, Roma, and BlackKkKlansman deserve their nominations more than Black Panther as they had more powerful stories, and thought provoking endings.

“The writing in Black Panther is nothing special, and the acting isn’t much better,” commented by an anonymous senior student.

Students at Rockwall-Heath High School did enjoy Black Panther, but they say it does not deserve to be standing among the Best Picture nominees.

“Could it be nominated for best costume designs? Sure. Could it be nominated for set design? Sure. Music? Sure. But best picture? I don’t think so,” commented a junior, who also asked to remain anonymous.