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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Megan Ford

Sophie Keith, Staff Writer

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a club that brings students together by offering a time where students can share their same beliefs and get closer to God.   Once these students step through the choir room doors, all judgment is left behind.  Every Friday students meet in the choir room to join together in worship and prayer.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a unique club, which, “combines all the athletes in various sports to come together and share their mutual beliefs,” as sponser Coach Younger puts it.  Younger felt her being the sponsor for this club was a perfect match because of her strong relationship with God, and she wanted this club to reach out to any and all students.  Younger describes the club as more of a “social group.”  One of Younger’s favorite parts of FCA is seeing students and athletes coming together and developing a stronger relationship with God.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes started back in 2005 and attendance has grown from about 20 students to about 100 students.  “I would love for FCA to outgrow the choir room and move into the gym because of so many members!”  Younger said.  Free donuts are offered to any students that attend meetings at 8:00 every Friday morning!

The meeting starts off with a song performed by Victoria Mase, a leader of FCA, and leads into a lesson from a new guest speaker every Friday.  The meeting closes with a prayer.  “The closing prayer is one of my favorite parts of the meeting!” club member Breagan Adams said.  Every week a guest speaker comes to give a lesson on various sections of the Bible.   Fellowship of Christian Athletes offers a fun way for students to connect in a welcoming environment.

Younger feels that since she has been exposed to Fellowship of Christian Athletes, she has seen an impact on the student body as a whole.  The care and compassion that is created in FCA students does not stop when the meeting ends, it is brought outside the walls of the choir room and applied in these students’ lives.  These students and leaders want to keep the name “Fellowship of Christian Athletes” positive.  The members of FCA know that for their club to grow, other students and athletes must look at their actions and decide whether FCA really does make a difference in their lives.  Many students feel that FCA is very important for students and especially athletes, which means they never lose sight of what is really important in life.

FCA’s fun does not end when the bell rings at 8:30 every Friday morning.  As a group, they have gone to many exciting events including parties, a Mavericks game, and an SMU game day.  These students show that finding common beliefs and interests can lead to great relationships and outcomes.  Leaders and members do not want this to be just another one of Rockwall-Heath high schools clubs; they want Fellowship of Christian Athletes be a non-judgmental environment that will hopefully make an impact on people’s lives.


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